’Story Giver’ is a contemporary hybrid (half-swallow with its head - finger - pointing into space), which brings tales of a large caliber impact. It is an answer to the weariness coming out from the superficial usage of the Internet as an inspiration to creating a work of art and the resulting fast food - compost - like outcome. The idea came to existence from the very need for the revival of the processof contemplation and analytical a proach to creativity. Aesthetics have reached the point of exhaustion. Only the search for the adequate form can lead to a uniqueand original end result. 

‘Story Giver’ is multi-channelled and unlimited. It is at home in art and fashion, as the author, creative director or creator/designer. What drives its actions is creative and critical thinking. The need for permanent development. Its aim - a completely new story.

(A swallow is a symbol of: spring, light, dusk, hard work, progress, prosperity, revival, happiness, equality, freedom, hope and fertility)